Naming Forgotten Sky

The name

Forgotten Sky,
That is the name of this project that I have been working on for the last few years.  A few weeks ago, I was challenged by a good friend of mine to “name my band”. He told me that it was NOT a good idea use my real name as my “band” name because it would limit, and possibly hinder me, which took me by surprise since I had already had a friend build me a website with my name in it. He told me that the reason we shouldn’t use our real names is that we don’t want to be labeled or stuck to one particular genre of music. We want to keep our options open and not be tied to just one name. Plus we can’t really change our real name, well we can, but thats another story.  As I began to think about what he had told me,  I quickly realized that he had a great idea!
 I feel like it gives me a fresh start on what this is all about,
 The Music.
However, as a musician, I have to take the time to cultivate an identity that flows with the music that is being created, which leads me to:
How I came up with Forgotten Sky.
A lot of the songs that I have written in the past months have had a theme, which has only recently come to my attention. One, is my son Noah. The other is my struggle with anxiety and such emotions. Pretty strange combination as I sit and reflect on things. Both have been HUGE in playing a role in my song writing for this project. I will take time in another blog to talk about my anxiety, but for now, I want to talk about some of the thoughts that brought me to this name and this project.
It goes back to me being a child. The innocence, and freshness of everything. How everything was so big, and didn’t seem to have boundaries. As I got older, things that were important to me seemed to slide away, tucked in the far reaches of my mind.
Almost forgotten!
Then my son enters the world.
He changes everything.
As I hear him form words, and string sentences together. How big his eyes get when he see’s a truck or gets to ride on a tractor. When I catch him sneaking a cookie, or going out through the doggie door. Or just stopping to look at a flower, or tree or something small, how he is just amazed by it.
I seem to have Forgotten about the beauty in the everyday things. I am thankful that he reminds me of that almost everyday. When I am in a hurry to rush here and zoom there, he has his own speed, and I can’t help but slow down. And deep within me, I want to slow down.
I have always had a fascination with the Sky. Clouds, stars, planets, you name it. The sky is just amazing to me.  I used to remember looking up and staring at the clouds for hours, or camping and staring up at the stars, or being intentional of seeing the beauty around me within creation. I stopped looking up for so long, I mean I would look up at the sky and marvel at it, but it wasn’t really intentional. Don’t get me wrong there have been some sunsets that have taken my breath away lately, or some camping trips that the mountains just make me stop and say WOW!
 I need to slow down and not just see, but look…….
I am reminded of a scripture that in Psalms 19:1 that says; “For the choir director. A Psalm of David. The heavens are telling of the glory of God: And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands”.
I hope that through this music, and blog that you will get a good glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes of this creative process.

5 thoughts on “Naming Forgotten Sky

  1. Bernice Cockar

    Jon, thanks for your sharing. I really enjoyed reading this, and I enjoy your music too. love, Mom/Bernice.

    1. forgottenskymusic Post author

      Thanks Mom!! I am thankful that you took the time to read this and that you are enjoying my music. Its my hope that people are encouraged, through all of this. So, here is to new directions! Love you too!!!

  2. yatesmachine

    I finally got around to reading this. I like the story behind the name and I think it works well. Good choice.

  3. Dean

    I imagine Noah reading this piece years hence and being moved to learn how he led you back to a time and place where there were no boundaries. That is the sacred task of children. We can choose to follow, or not. You did. Lucky you!!


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